Top 10 Sensuous Star Trek Ladies Of All Time.

8. Borg Queen

The Borg are among the most dreaded of Trek adversaries. As a techno-organic race, they are fixated on assimilating different races into their Collective, a nightmarish force of cyborgs who are relentless. You can’t say that they are sensuous. However, in First Contact, Alice Krige is. As the Borg Queen, she looks amazing even with her going bald head and metal implants as she attempts to allure android Data to their side, including a suggestive bit where she gives him human skin then blows on it. Cool and tyrannical, Krige made the role a champion villainess and really looked amazingly sensuous in spite of the tight leather and the metal embeds. It was a stunning role that Krige would repeat on Voyager and demonstrated how the Borg can get you in different ways.


7. T’Pol

Enterprise gets a harsh rap from Star Trek fans for its blended state of mind, retconning different bits of Trek history and average stories. In any case, it got attention from the beginning for one of the most smoking women around and in a tight uniform that was soon part of the show’s promotional campaign. Played by Jolene Blalock, T’Pol was a Vulcan doled out to the primary Federation starship. However, she was far more sensuous than the vast majority of her species. The show would regularly have her in revealing dresses. She was more inclined to emotional blasts than others of her species but even when she was cool, she was stunning. The “Mirror Universe” rendition was even sultrier as a heartless killer. She didn’t mind who she laid down with and/or slaughtered to get into power. Blalock flaunted a considerable amount in magazines about this show. This demonstrated that Vulcans aren’t generally as cool as they appear.


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