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Top 10 Sensuous Star Trek Ladies Of All Time.

Top 10 Sensuous Star Trek Ladies Of All Time.

There are many things about Star Trek to appreciate like the FX, the characters and storylines and such. However, one of the things overlooked have been the ladies. It was groundbreaking for the first series to have a black lady among the cast. From that point forward, the different shows have guaranteed we have an assortment of extremely sensuous ladies. Here are 10 of the best and most sensuous women of this exemplary franchise….

10. Carol Marcus

The first version was a long-lasting love for Kirk who bore him a son over their relationship. More well-known is the version played by Alice Eve in the Into Darkness film. She was the daughter of a prominent Starfleet admiral who joins the team on a secret mission. The scene of her in her undergarments was pummelled as unwarranted. However, at the same time, she was amazingly hot and she upheld it with her cool accent and fun drive. Eve’s appeal in the part won over cynics to how great she could be. This incorporates taking in her dad’s dark side and enduring the fight against Khan while boosting Kirk’s strength up and not reluctant to get dirty if that she had to. Eve made this adaptation of Carol more sizzling than in the past for a generally dark film.


9. Kathryn Janeway

It was a tremendous thing when Voyager declared that their lead would be a female captain with Genevieve Bujold as Janeway. However, the creators acknowledged she wasn’t working and replaced her with Kate Mulgrew, a very clever decision. The redhead was incredible in charge, taking care of a ship half made up of terrorists and a long voyage home, and going up against a range of unusual enemies. Janeway also maintained Federation conduct, declining to trade off her morals and that quality served as an inspiration. She also showed some provocativeness in a few instances, including the insane scene where she dressed up like an insidious villainess from a 1930’s motion picture.


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