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Top 5 Amazing Women in the world of Sons of Anarchy!

Top 5 Amazing Women in the world of Sons of Anarchy!

Sons of Anarchy may have ended but the epic show will be remembered for a long time to come. The show that brought us an inside view to the enigmatic, mysterious and ever-dangerous goings on in the lives of outlaw biker gangs in America, boasted of a stellar cast and legendary performances. The series gave us intense action and broke new grounds in the portrayal of tough-as-nails women who have brains, brawns and a lot of appeal. Ranking SOA’s hotties would always have been tough, but then again someone has to do it! Here is our list of the most irresistible of SOA’s biker chicks…

1. Gemma Teller-Morrow

SOA was loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and Gemma was the Queen herself. Katey Sagal as the matriarch of the outlaw gang, was a power to reckon with. She is beautiful with a huge dose of rock ‘n’ roll without going over the top. You can’t let her leather jacket, skinny jeans, and stiletto ensemble beguile you for she always keeps a loaded Glock in her purse and knows exactly how to use it. That said, if you do meet her drinking at the local bar, be sweet. You never know how this woman may choose to reward you later.



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