Wonder Woman loses United Nations Ambassador Title due to complaints

Wonder Woman loses United Nations Ambassador Title due to complaints

In Today’s sensitive society, where being politically correct becomes a matter a common sense, Wonder Woman recently lost her UN ambassador status due to accusations that her  current “large-breasted, scantily clad” look defines an impossible standard.


Designating Wonder Woman as an honorary ambassador of the United Nations was supposed to kick-off a year long, United Nations worldwide campaign for gender equality with the Amazonian hero as its champion. A special NYC ceremony was held, back in the month of October, to mark the occasion with Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter, director Patty Jenkins and DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson attending it.

However, a petition circulated quickly, condemning the selection of Wonder Woman as the representative of the campaign. A portion of the petition says, even though the original creators could have intended Wonder Woman to represent an independent and strong female ‘warrior’ with a feminist message, the reality of the situation is that the character’s present iteration is that of a white woman with large breasts and impossible proportions.

It seems that this argument has won the case because this Friday Wonder Woman’s time as an ambassador will come to its close. Originally it was thought that its time should extend well into 2017.

Of course now a counter petition has been raised to re-instate Wonder Woman’s honorary status as an ambassador. A great step taken by DC comics is that it plans to release a tie-in, one shot comic that celebrates Wonder Woman’s honor. DC comics is still pursuing this project despite the new decision that has been taken by the United Nations.


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